Topical Anesthetics and Numbings

Topical Anesthetics and Numbings

Numbing & Topical Anesthetic Creams

Ensure Primary and Secondary Numbing for all kinds of painful procedures with our range of topical anesthetics.

We specialize in carrying industry leading topical anesthetics brands that meet your client's desired comfort level. Topical anesthetics provide pain numbing relief for various kinds of procedures, including: Tattooing, Injections, Microblading, Ombre brows and more.

Pain Control for PMU Artists

Learn the basics of topical anesthetics for safe and effective pain control during permanent makeup (micropigmentation).

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Our topical numbing creams come in a variety of formulations to address different pain types. Choose from cream or gel options depending on the area being treated and your desired level of numbing.

Quality topical anesthetics delivered straight to your doorstep.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, we have the perfect topical anesthetic for you. Shop through our selection of industry leading brands to find the right fit for your needs. From fast-acting gels to long lasting creams, we have what you need to make your next procedure pain free. Do not forget to take advantage of our free shipping on orders over $200 across Canada and the US.